Texting is part of our everyday life – just take a quick look at your fellow commuters on the way to work in the morning and you’ll see just how much of our time is taken up with communicating with friends and family. But if you’re not too quick on the buttons or don’t like what ‘predictive text’ does to your messages, there is an alternative.

Online texting is an easy way to send out messages in bulk to more than one person at a time. It’s cost-effective, saving you both time and money, as it’s cheaper and easier to send texts from a computer than from mobile.

But where online texting really comes into its own is for business advertising and promotional campaigns. A comprehensive online texting service will include special features, making it a unique and affordable way to reach right into the pockets of your customers.

Unlike usual text messaging with mobiles, in which case you can’t send bulk sms versturen via pc SMS gateway API messages above a certain limit, you are able to send as many messages from your computer as you want, to multiple recipients at the same time. All of these features are very simple to use and also represent a great ROI, compared to texting with phone.

Send text messages in bulk and avoid delays

With an online SMS service you can send single messages to individuals, or bulk SMS to a select group of recipients. By delivering online text message from computer, you’re assured of their timely delivery.

This really is never guaranteed with SMS messages sent by mobile phones, where messages can get delayed or even lost. However, when you send a text message from an online source such as a computer, the SMS is distributed instantly and will get shipped straight to the recipient.

This is particularly helpful if you use email or text for marketing campaigns where you have to communicate frequently with your customers, or are undertaking various transactions such as providing coupons or time-sensitive offers.

Further more, according to Mobile Marketing Association 40% of consumers are interested in receiving mobile coupons and mobile coupon redemption is 10x that of traditional coupons.

Run your mobile campaign from your browser

It is much easier to type on a PC or laptop, compared to using a phone. You are also able to access symbols that are not available on a phone, allowing you to keep your message short and succinct without losing the meaning.

It also allows you to adapt your campaign to suit mobile users, and target multiple customers using the bulk SMS feature. Campaigns also often last for longer than one message, so why not set up a schedule of recurring messages that are designed to work with time-sensitive information and offers?

Any responses to your messages from your customers are automatically forwarded to your SMS online inbox, separating them from your usual emails and allowing you to monitor what level of response you are getting.

If you have not contributed to mobile advertising yet, then you might give it a try now as mobile advertising is expected to grow from £43.9 billion in 2012 to £83.2. billion in 2017.Low Cost International SMS

Send international messages and save money

One of the greatest benefits of online texting is the low cost of sending international text messages.

You can use an Email to SMS service and all the emails sent from your inbox will be forwarded to any mobile in the world.
Or alternatively you can also use Web to SMS service to send messages online.