Blue Whale Game – Its Challenges, Dares, Consequences and Safety Measures

The Blue Whale Game has taken the world by the storm because of the daring challenges it gives to its player. The game is a dangerous one as many kids and teens have taken their own life. The game asks every player to complete 50 tasks which pose a threat to their lives.

What is the game all about- its origin

The Blue Whale Game was created by Philipp Budeiki, created this suicide game in 2013 in Russia which killed several kids and teens. Post that, the game spread across the internet and has caused many deaths and resulted in self-harm all over world. The creator stated that this game was made to remove biological waste and kill those whom he considered weak and not worthy of living. slotxo

Challenges and Dares

The 50 dares of the Blue Whale Game are created wisely, as they have the power to manipulate the player to self-harm resulting ultimately in death. Some of the most dangerous, life taking dares of this game include:

  • Wake up at 4:20, go to the roof
  • Watch scary videos in the middle of the night
  • Carve whale on the hand using razor
  • Self-harm and cut yourself if you are not ready to be a “whale”
  • Climb the crane or stand on bridge
  • Visiting railroad and climbing roof with legs dangling
  • Climbing from the roof

All tasks are dangerous but some are so scary that they are strong enough to kill the player’s will to live.

Consequences of the Blue Whale Game

The total of 50 dares and tasks are designed in the way that they kill the person’s will of living and makes them weak from the inside. They are unable to speak and share this issue with anyone and slowly get depressed and isolated. At the end of the 50 tasks or dares the player is forced to kill himself/herself because of an intensity of mental pressure which the player has faced during the time of completing fifty challenges of the Blue Whale Game.

Safety Measures-How can you save yourself and loved ones

It’s not just a saying that prevention is better than cure since some things are incurable. Firstly avoid and simply kill any urge that you have of playing this game, whether it’s out of curiosity or anxiousness or excitement.

Secondly, do not click on links which are sent to you since this game is already spread across the internet. If you suspect that someone in your circle or family is not behaving normal, then try to find immediately if they are playing this game.

Stop them from reaching this game and help them on emotional levels. You can save a kid or a person from this dangerous suicidal game only when you are aware completely. Find about the consequences of the game and stay away from it.

Try to stop anyone that has shown interest towards playing this game. The game is also known by other names like Sea of Whales, A Silent House; Wake Me Up at 4:20 AM and many other names. It’s essential to follow precautions and be safe rather than letting curiosity take you to act on extreme levels.