Online Social Networks and Teen Safety

We have all heard stories of evil individuals trolling teen networks in order to prey upon the young and na�ve. These stories as parents horrify us and you want to make certain nothing terrible happens to your kids or loved ones. It is very urgent to create these issues to the forefront.
As one Harvard Group puts it, there are a number of urban legends, misconceptions and common perceptions of internet sites, predators and teens, but then again, with that truth said, also there are problems with identity theft, phishing and other things online. For instance, a recent story where teens on their blogs were all discussing a retreat trip sponsored partly by the institution and which families were going away, dates, times, everything – all those houses were robbed, and it had not been by anyone connected at all with the school itself.
Thus, personal information will probably be your friend and help make friendly social connections to fulfill your innate needs, but that private information could be turned against you aswell, so, personal responsibility, common sense and just a little extra knowledge will go a long way. It is because of this that education is needed for teens and anyone who plays around with internet sites online.
Of course, this education should be done so that it dispels the myths of online social networks and the way the predators and identity thieves use them as a way to suck their prey in. Without legitimate education, located in reality, we will find yourself scaring people away from social networks, when what we really should be doing gets them to have a little extra responsibility in what they post online and how they connect to people they do not know.